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56 is a modern-day take on a general store. part pantry, part apothecary, part cafe, part home store, part gift shop, part clothing boutique. 56 is an essentials emporium.

Mixing it up


Mixing it up

Jesus David Rosario

56 has a unique collection of bold drink mixers that are perfect for any occasion. We feature unique brands such as Owl’s Brew, Bittermilk and White Whale bold mixers. Each brand features a wide variety of flavors and 56 keeps a steady rotation of them. One popular drink is Bittermilk's hand crafted "Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour." The directions are very simple! - Vigorously shake equal parts Bittermilk and whiskey with lots of ice. Pour into a rocks glass. - Thats it!!

Making cocktails is easy. Keep reading to find out my personal favorite, and see how I bend the rules a bit to personalize my cocktail mix.


A Personal Favorite

Charred Grapefruit Tonic / Vodka / Curiosity Cola


My favorite cocktail is a twist on a Bittermilk recipe. Bittermilk suggests using equal parts Bittermilk, Vodka or light rum and soda water over ice. But, my favorite soda at 56 is Curiosity Cola. So I'm substituting the soda water for a botanically brewed soda with a great ginger flavor. Also the recipe calls for a tall glass, but I'm a short glass kind of guy so forgive my deviance. 


First I start with the ice. Then I add the buttermilk & vodka (equal parts). Now it's time for my special ingredient! At this point, you can add an equal part of the cola but I'm going to opt for extra ginger and carbonation by adding just a little extra cola to the mix. This works well for people that don't want the vodka to come through as strong. The only thing left to do is give it a stir and you're done.


Need some drink ideas? No problem, come into 56 Urban Provisions today! We are constantly adding new products to our shelves.